Medical School (MD & DO) Admissions Consulting


Judy Colwell, M.A.,
Counseling Psychology

Former Assistant Director of Admissions
Stanford University School of Medicine
Current Mock Interview Specialist/Pre-Med Advisor
Stanford University

For further information:

I do individual INTERVIEW PREPARATION including MOCK INTERVIEWS for ALL interested applicants, both traditional and non-traditional.

Beginning in August, I work with NON-TRADITIONAL applicants who have submitted their primary application and wish SECONDARY APPLICATION ASSISTANCE and INTERVIEW PREPARATION including MOCK INTERVIEWS.

Entering Class 2017:
- I am currently limiting my practice to a focus on specializing in Medical School interview preparation and mock interviews for all applicants, both traditional and non-traditional, who desire to hone their interviewing skills prior to, or during, the interview season.

- I also work with non-traditional applicants (those with a bachelor's degree) as they proceed through the secondary and interview processes for the current application season.

Entering Class 2018:
- I will be working with a very limited number of non-traditional applicants after mid-April as they complete their primary application(s) (AMCAS and AACOMAS).

- In late summer I will additionally work with applicants who have submitted their primary application and are in the secondary application and preparing for interviews.

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What I do (in a nutshell): I counsel those who are interested in what it takes both academically and non-academically to become a well-qualified applicant to medical school.

Virtually no medical school admissions consultant has this combined background of both 10 years as an Admissions Committee Voting Member & as an Stanford University on-staff pre-med advisor and Mock Interview Specialist.


Formerly Assistant Director of Medical School Admissions at Stanford University (1990-1999), and as an Academic Advisor to pre-med freshmen and sophomores, I understand your questions and uncertainties. With my 10 years medical school admissions committee, I have a unique knowledge of the admissions process from the "inside."

As a 26 year undergraduate advisor to pre-meds coming from every possible college major, I am able to blend this knowledge with my Admissions Committee experience.

The interview trip - planning, etc.
       Dealing with the Admissions offices.

The Mock Interview includes:
Tips for your interview day.
Questions that you may be asked during an interview, both traditional and MMI.
A discussion of your responses.

"Too many interviewees are unprepared," according to Dr. Gabriel Garcia, former Assoc. Dean of Admissions, Stanford U. School of Medicine.

I want you to know the joy of a congratulatory acceptance.


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Judith J. Colwell, MA
Medical School Admissions Consultant
Menlo Park, CA
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