Medical School (MD & DO) Admissions Consulting


Judy Colwell, M.A.,
Counseling Psychology

Former Assistant Director of Admissions
Stanford University School of Medicine
Current Mock Interview Specialist/Pre-Med Advisor
Stanford University

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What do you do?

I help applicants to medical school navigate the MD and/or DO admissions process.

Do you work with clients who don't live in California?


More than 80% of my clients are distance clients. We work by phone and email (I call you in order to keep your costs down). If I happen to be in your area, or you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, I'll certainly try to meet you so that we may get to know each other face-to-face.

What do you cover in a mock interview?

I cover tips about the interview process; we also examine your answers to questions, assess speaking style, possible nervous reactions, content of your answers based on your specific background, and we get you comfortable with a variety of interview questions.

I already know what some of the interview questions will be…why do I need to do a mock interview?

Having an idea about a few of the questions is one thing. Being comfortable speaking your answers to someone else is entirely different, particularly to someone who has first-hand experience with the admissions process.

Do I need to do a mock interview with you?

You can do a mock interview with anyone who is familiar with the medical school interview process and knows "what to look for" when evaluating you.

Why don't you have a "package fee" as many other educational consultants have?

In my experience, most of my clients don't need to spend $3,000+ for a consulting "package." We are efficient together and often get our work accomplished for far less. In the past three years, only seven clients have spent more than $2,000. You shouldn't have to pay for time you don't need just to make my bookkeeping easier.

What are your fees?

My fee structure is explained in detail.

How many hours do I need to commit to?

I charge $400/hr., paid in advance for our first session. Work after that is pro-rated at the same hourly rate.

How do I use PayPal?

I have a PayPal link on my web page so that you may do this easily.

How many people work in your office?

My background is extensive and unique, and therefore I don't have an office staff to whom I hand off clients after an initial discussion as other consulting services might. I am the sole proprietor of my consulting business. When necessary I limit the number of clients in order to give each of you personalized service, as it is important that you benefit from my experience and knowledge-base rather from an assistant who may not have it. It's my way of assuring quality control.

How are you clients doing?

As you can see from the "Congratulations" link, my clients are doing well.

How up-to-date is your Congratulations web page?

Whenever a client lets me know about an interview or an acceptance, I update the web page. However, some clients drift away after the first or second session and don't keep me apprised of his/her status. My web page is only as accurate as my clients help me make it.


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