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Judy Colwell
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Former Assistant Director of Admissions
Stanford University School of Medicine

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FEES - A DROP IN THE BUCKETPicture of a small bucket with a drop of water going into it.

The average cost of completing the medical school application process ranges from $3,500-$5,500 (and more!).

MCAT review course
MCAT fee
AMCAS fees
Secondary application fees
Interview travel (possibly across the U.S. multiple times)
Deposits to hold a place in the class

My consulting fees to help you present your credentials and accomplishments as strongly as possible to Admissions Committees are just a drop in that financial-cost bucket.

To put this into perspective, clients work with me for an average of less than 5 hrs., slightly up from 4 hrs. as more applicants are applying, increasing the competitiveness for available places in the entering class. (In entering 2014, nationally only 43% of MD applicants matriculated into medical school and 40% of DO applicants.)

My fees are based on my extensive experience and knowledge gained during my 25 years in the admissions process, in addition to my ongoing experience in the pre-med process, and the importance of competent advice as you work through the often confusing maze of applying to medical school.

"Why don't you have a "package fee" as many other educational consultants have?"

In my experience, my clients don't need to spend $3,000+ for a consulting "package." In the past three years, only seven clients have spent more than $2,000. We are efficient together and get our work accomplished for far less expense than using a "package." You shouldn't have to pay for time you don't need just to make my bookkeeping easier.

Fees and other nitty-gritty information:

  • Initial brief telephone discussion to assess our ability to work together: Complimentary. (Not a working session.) The first chat is merely a short "hi how are you, this is how I work with clients" conversation. If you feel comfortable working with me, then we schedule a working appointment.

  • I have an hourly fee of $385, paid in advance if you are a distant client, or at the time of our first conference if you are a local client. Our first conference is a one-hour conference. All work thereafter is charged on a time-spent (pro rata) basis at the rate of $385/hr., billed at the end of the month.

Distant clients: I spend approximately 15 minutes reviewing your Personal Inventory and transcripts prior to a 45 min. phone conference (shorter phone conference if more material than Personal Inventory/transcript(s) is to be reviewed).

Local clients: The first hour conference includes my review of your Personal Inventory and transcripts while we are together. Local clients may choose to meet in person, or by telephone conference.

All clients:
- The time we schedule is for you exclusively, and therefore I require a 24 hr. cancellation notice.
- Longer emails between us usually constitute 5-10 min. of consulting time and are billed as such. (Most emails are short and therefore are complimentary.)
- Missed appointments are charged in full.

Cash/Check/PayPal — $385 for the first hour of of consulting (in person or by telephone). Payment due prior to our first conference for distance clients, or at our meeting for local clients. Additional work is billed on a pro-rata basis (time spent = time charged) of $385/hr., due and payable by the 30th of the month.


Instead of FedEx, Express mail, or snail mail

You may pay through PayPal. Click on the button here. (If you have quesions about how this works, we can discuss it during our initial brief "get acquainted" phone conversation.)


Once you have authorized payment, please email your Client Information Sheet and Personal Inventory (see following section) to me and we will arrange our first conversation.


You will have the opportunity to tell me about your interest in medicine, how it began, how it is part of your life now, and how you envision your future career -- your hopes and dreams. Naturally we will first address your important issues that need immediate attention such as an evaluation/assessment of your current candidacy for medical school.

It is important that I have copies of your:
1) Resume.
2) Transcript(s). (As long as these are correct, they need not be "official.")
3) AMCAS application (if applicable).
4) MCAT scores (if available).
Please also complete and make sure I have:
1) The Client Information Sheet/Release Form/Personal Inventory
(give me the original, keep a copy for your records)

This form is found HERE.


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